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As global smartphone device usage hikes higher and higher, it’s not difficult to predict that everything in the near future is going to be possible from the palm of one’s hand. In fact, we’re almost there – with the Internet of Things and on-demand services, the lifestyle of the average person significantly revolves around smartphone devices.

Due to this, mobile app development is nonetheless a hot topic; what was once done as a supplement to website development, mobile app development today is an entirely different aspect that needs to be separately considered and executed. Being in a league of its own, mobile development outsourcing has also become a flagship area of expertise on the part of tech companies and independent developers alike.

Therefore, mobile app development in Sri Lanka isn’t an exception either. With hundreds of ventures mushrooming into existence owing to the sheer potential of the industry, how is one able to determine which mobile app development provider is ideal?

The fundamental truth is that as a business owner or entrepreneur, you know that your brand or idea has several variables involved.

The key is to have a developer that can understand every factor, in order to deliver a product that meets your expectations – specifically over the mobile front

Being in the industry for well over a decade, this is what our experiences in building multi-faceted mobile apps have taught us. No matter how identical two business concepts may seem, the world of mobile makes each intricate in its own right. Here we share some hands-on knowledge that our team has acquired, as well as the principles we have learnt to apply as a result – owing to stringent mobile app development through the years.

Focus on what’s important

Tried and tested: our guidelines on stellar mobile app development

As diverse as building a mobile app is, it all boils down to two major factors – logical and emotional. Here’s why, and how.

1. Technical Knowhow

When it comes to developing a mobile app, several sub-factors nestle under the umbrella of technical expertise. For starters, this consists of the basic programming, designing and project management knowledge required to conceptualise, create and coordinate. This also includes staying abreast of the latest trends in mobile app development, as well as the varying technologies used to formulate apps for different smartphone devices

2. Elements of Sentiment

The technical expertise mentioned above, however, won’t suffice for building an app that is successful with your audience. That is why understanding your end user on a deeper psychological level is required; this means seeing things from the user’s perspective, and deciphering what will be acceptable et al. Oftentimes, emotional intelligence is what makes a wealth of difference; envisioning your user’s journey through your app, why they would want to use it and how it would eventually add value to their lives are substantial components that render true success for a mobile app.

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