What AI means for Web software development

Artificial Intelligence, colloquially termed ‘AI’ - is gradually but definitively revolutionizing the way the world operates, especially when it comes to software development and mobile app development. Once relegated to high-flown science fiction movies, today life imitates the fancies of art in real, resonant and tangible ways that add value to human life.

AI is more present than ever in the effectiveness of security, social media platforms, statistical analysis, speech/facial/retinal recognition-based devices, automobiles, online shopping - running the world subtly but surely - from your smartphone, to your browser, your bank account and beyond.

What makes AI such a tantalizing new toy is that it is the ultimate combination - of a human’s brief but voracious appetite and capacity to explore, learn and find meaning, combined with the perk of inhuman strength and energy to be perpetually doing just that.

AI is the ‘conscience’ that transforms the nuts, bolts and mechanics of a machine into something that can experience, recognize data patterns and even learn on its own to form independent opinions via machine learning - a branch of AI that uses algorithms designed specifically to facilitate autonomous assessments and conclusions of any given information.

AI’s most telling strength - so real, you’ll forget it isn’t human

For those that grew up in the era of cautionary tales of machines taking over the world - that idea is not far-fetched. AI in many ways already has, with the magic of extensive and deep neural networks whose accuracy and effectiveness increases every time you interact with it, studying you better than your best friends, emulating you more exactingly than your biggest fans and predicting your next move better than your closest confidantes.

And that’s why AI is rapidly becoming a boon in web development - because it can effortlessly help identify and rectify nearly any attribute of a site - user experience, quality analysis, security and coding. The flexibility of AI, and its inherent purpose of adapting and evolving allows developers to tap into a seemingly infinite resource pool of information that informs how smart an app can be, how quickly a site can process your order, how subtly and knowingly it can guide your thoughts and actions without any obvious interventions.

Once all about automation, now AI is about elevating the game - it can use self-learning algorithms to code something from scratch in ingenious and informed ways, emulate a real person online via real-time assistance, customized conversations, comments and interactions, and not just perform human tasks at superhuman speed - but bring a legitimately unparalleled perspective that only a machine can.

AI is eliminating the drawbacks of human error

In the world of web design and development, AI’s role as the incredible ingenue is somewhat ignorable. Web developers no longer need to arduously write thousands of lines of code, or haggle over the ideal functionalities of a website, or even come up with design ideas - they just need to answer enough questions, guide and teach AI to.

And as any star student goes, AI will not only take your knowledge - but will enhance, substantiate or refute it with meticulous research, objective awareness, tireless calculations - and become a sounding board for your own understandings.

This is remarkable even more so in AI harnessing the data of web analytics for SEO. Rather than the biased, tedious and error-ridden manual strategies born of the processing capabilities of a human - predictive engines woven with AI can pinpoint exact architectural flaws, bad content from an SEO viewpoint and list the best ways to restructure, craft and build.

AI makes everything you build, self-sufficient and self-perfecting

Patience is a virtue mere mortals do not often possess in spades. And AI is filling the gaps by tackling complex requirement gathering and analyzing the information on behalf of us.

Via neuro-linguistic programming, artificial vision, and image recognition - AI can automate the task of gathering end-user stories based on your client’s requirements using a voice assistant or chatbot.

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