The Advantages of an Offshore Software Development Team

The number one reason to invest in a software development team, offshore is cost cutting. Companies can build skilled, professional development teams and save more than 40% of the cost by investing in a team located in a different part of the world. However, there are other implicit advantages for building an offshore team ranging from saving time and HR management.

The Implicit Advantages of Investing in Outsourcing

Avoiding expenses

Hiring employees is an expensive prospect, in addition to paying a salary, companies have to bear the cost of healthcare, taxes, and other benefits like pension plans. However, investing in an offshore team does not require businesses to commit to these additional expenses. Thus, businesses are able gain the benefits of a skilled development team at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house team.

Hiring is costly

Finding the right person takes time, it can take weeks or months to find the right person for the job. Moreover, recruiting the wrong employee can cost the company significantly. Recruiters state bad hiring practices cost the company two and a half times the employee’s salary. With the stakes so high, it advisable for businesses to avoid undertaking the hiring process themselves, by letting an offshore company hire for them. Businesses can get a fantastic team without making any significant investments of time and money.


A growing team needs infrastructure to support it. Businesses must invest in network infrastructure, software, and office furniture. Expanding infrastructure is a huge cost for businesses, and it takes time for the firm to reap the rewards of their investment. Building an offshore team allows businesses to sidestep these expensive investments, but still gain the software development team they need.

Manage the team like it is your own

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, another valuable advantage is the control and autonomy businesses retain over their team. The team will perform to the full expectations of the requirement for along as required, as per the contractual agreement.

Investing in an offshore development team is a highly recommended strategy because businesses can cut costs whilst seamlessly enhancing their production process. Businesses who do not try this strategy, risk falling behind whilst other firms swiftly move to capitalising on this opportunity.


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