The Ministry of Policy Development and Implementation along with the Institute of Policy Studies initiated the e-governance initiative. A high powered software tool to monitor all stages of key government initiated the project, large private sector project and donor-funded projects in Sri Lanka.

The system provides the National Operations Room (NOR), a division of the Ministry of Policy Development and Implementation (MPDI), with the ability to monitor and evaluate the development projects throughout the country.

The objectives of this system include providing the NOR with a project management tool to monitor the progress of the government’s activities which include:

  • Evaluate the performance and progress of the development projects in the country.
  • To create a system of accountability for the officials at the national level, provincial level, and the divisional secretariat (AGA division) level.
  • To use the ICT technologies to facilitate good governance and better rates of disbursement of external assistance.
  • Facilitate greater public accountability and awareness of the progress of the government’s key activities.

Development and Implementation.

The NOR plans to make the system accessible to the public agencies and private sector to provide up-to-date information on government development projects and programme. Mr. Charitha Ratwatte, Secretary to the Ministry and Dr. Saman Kelegama, Director IPS and Mr. S Rahubadda, Additional Secretary of the Ministry were responsible for successfully completing the project. The e-governance system was designed jointly by EFutures and MediaSolv. The Project Monitoring and Groupware module were built by MediaSolv while the Division/Thematic Monitoring module was built by EFutures.

EFutures is a software developing company based in Sri Lanka, with offices in the UK and Singapore.

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