People’s Bank relaunches website with E-Futures

The Sri Lanka banking sector has fallen in love with usPeople’s Bank of Sri Lanka chose us to relaunch their website to celebrate 50 years of operations.

Sri Lankan customers are getting more tech savvy by the day and the bank recognized the need to overhaul their current website. A website with interactive features, sleek design, and accessible interface is better equipped to meet customer’s expectations.

Along with a brand new website, People’s Bank is investing in a mobile app so customers can access service from their own device.This further demonstrates EFutuer’s ability to deliver complex web solutions to customers whose transactions amount to millions of rupees. Our detailed attention to security, rigorous quality assurance, and attention to standards guarantees that the People’s Bank of Sri Lanka will have the best website possible.

So, if you need to revamp your website or need custom software built, get in touch with one of the leading software companies in Sri Lanka.

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