Medical Billing Solution

Medical Billing Solution

EFutures has developed a variety of systems for a US Client, with the primary goal of the application being; to link children with available healthcare services, promote general wellness, an easily accessible medical portal, a platform to facilitate Medical administrative activity (MEA) programs as well as Learning education agency (LEA) programs.

This tri-modular system comprised of a controller(admin), medical practitioner module and the coordinator module and used Electronic data interchange (EDI) to interchange data seamlessly between state systems and the internal system.

The medical portal allowed student (patient) enrollment, participant (administrative providers) management, local exchange carrier (LEC), school (Client) management, roles and privileges management, manage data flow from schools and it was also compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and accountability act of 1966 (HIIPA). Additionally, this module comprised of an extensive reporting feature that compiled and presented data, accumulated by the system, in an easily transferable manner.

Data cleansing systems have also been implemented in order to amend or remove any data in the database that is inaccurate, incomplete, incorrectly formatted or repeated. This not only streamlines the work for a data administrator, saving a great deal of time, but also is more cost effective as opposed to fixing the errors manually.

With the successful development of this system as well as the numerous other technologies produced for the Medical sector, EFutures has now shifted its focus to integrating IOT with modern medical technology. This fusion of technology leads to more efficient and effective data accumulation, analysis and transmission leading to more informative decision making not only for the practitioners but for their patients as well.

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