Key facts on building an effective recruitment process in software development

When you’re working in an industry with one of the highest turnover rates (globally) hiring developers can be a daunting task as there is a lot of competition in the market and most of the time the very best are snapped up fast. As the importance of a good developer needs no further reiteration, hiring the right person for the right job can be exceptionally challenging, especially when you take into consideration the specificity of the projects they ideally would like to work on as well as if their personalities fit that of the company. Here are a couple of pointers on how we effectively recruit at EFutures

Resource Planning

EFutures focuses mainly on hiring senior developers for a few important reasons. Mainly because the projects we handle are fairly complex, time critical and come with strict deadlines as well as the learning curve for a Senior developer is less. The other reason would be that senior resources come in with the ‘best of’ practices in the industry which also helps to increase the peer learning and enhance the knowledge in Junior developers when we consider hiring them.

Junior developers are hired with a planned training in place which runs for about 6 months to 1 year with a senior mentor assigned.

Building the pipeline

The applicant pipeline is built through internal referrals, Job advertising and recruitment agencies. Being a long standing company in the IT industry also helps us to find and attract developers fast. Junior developers are found by attending career fairs of local universities and providing them internship and training programs.

Hiring Process

When coming in to the hiring process we first shortlist the candidates according to the requirement we have and once this is done we have a small ‘over the phone’ interview to get a brief idea on what the person is expecting from the transition and their future plans. If the profile fits, we then move on to have a Technical interview that is done by one or two senior employees of the company that analyses their knowledge on the relevant projects done and also measures their creative problem-solving skills. Here we not only asses a person’s technical skills, we also analyze the attitude of the person, the way of thinking and also the flexibility he holds towards different aspects. Here in EFutures we believe that fitting into our culture is more important than talent.

Finally, we put them through a technical test which varies accordingly from language to technical stack. Some tests range from written tests to practical tests that last approximately 3-5 hours. If the applicant passes the test the final review process determines if we are to hire the respective individual.

Here at EFutures we strongly believe hiring attitude and then training skill!

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