International Clients Trust EFutures for Amazon Cloud

When it comes to providing cloud based services Amazong web services is up there with the very best. Which is why EFuture partnered with them to provide cloud solutions to organization that are looking to move to the cloud. So far EFutures has successfully implemented and is currently maintaining customised Amazon Cloud-based solutions for 10 rapidly growing organisations in the US and Europe, and now looks to introduce such solutions to the Sri Lankan market as well.

With a team comprimising of plenty of Amazon web service specialists EFtures is in a unique position to quickly provide support for any Sri Lanka organization that is looking to implement cloud services. Having gained a reputation as one of the best software development companies in Sri Lanka this is just another natural step for EFutures as a company.

As mentioned above so far most of the clients are international clients but with the rapid growth of the IT industry in Sri Lanka we as a company are expecting a huge demand for Amazon cloud services in the new future. This nicely coincides with our outsourcing to Sri Lanka service as well and our successful implementation should help to increase our reputation in the international arena as well.

Check out the full coverage of our Amazong web service solutions at Daily Financial Times magazine.

REF : Daily Financial Times (7-Oct-2013)

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