EFutures increases development team for US healthcare sector

We have increased the size of our team providing solutions for the US healthcare industry, in a bid to further strengthen our capacity to serve an international client. The main focus of the team is to provide Java solutions to a client that utilizes federal funding to create community solutions for health insurance and healthcare service software.

Prashan Nagendra, Director stated that “the client’s goal is to link children with available health care services, in addition to promoting general wellness and development. The client serves school districts, county offices of education, community colleges, public health departments and community-based organizations, helping them to participate in federally funded reimbursement programs”. The company’s efforts are aimed at promoting accuracy and efficiency which will cut time and resources invested.

Many employees in US organizations regularly attend and participate in community events to enhance their personal and career growth. Most of them receive paid leave by the relevant organization to attend these community events. Our client equips these organizations and the interested employees to manage their participation in these community events by providing high tech solutions that are integrated into the existing business system.

“Technology solutions increase funding through high tech claims submissions for any reimbursement program. The client’s value proposition offers maximized reimbursements through in-depth analyses, expert service, evaluation and tracking” noted Rishen Fernando, Director.

EFutures handles an offshore project for foreign clients and generates 80% of its revenue through their international clients. Our commitment to excellent and rigorous procedures in place to ensure quality had made us one of the best outsourcing companies in Sri Lanka.

EFutures was operating for 15 years and has earned a reputation for being one of the leading software development companies in Sri Lanka. We always strive to maintain this hard-earned reputation and our clients will testify to that. So do get in touch for your software solutions.

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