Microsoft Share Point 2010 Workshop Organized by EFutures

EFutures held a Microsoft SharePoint workshop to promote and educate users about the new product. As Microsoft likes to point out, its the new way to work together and companies of all sizes can benefit from its functionalities.

The workshop was held at the Renuka City Hotel and the attendees include key decision makers from financial, government and educational institutions. The workshop focuses on how SharePoint can be used as a tool to fuel business productivity and growth. Demonstrations included SharePoint workflows, Intranet features in SharePoint, document management facilities and the search features available in the product.

The event was an interactive session with attendees discussing their views on how they can incorporate the product into their workflow. Overall, feedback for the event was very positive and we will continue to hold workshops discussing various technologies and their benefits to business, as per the request of workshop attendees.

As one of the leading software development companies in Sri Lanka EFutures believe that education is the key to moving forward. With a highly skilled workforce who are adept at learning moving with the latest technologies will never be a problem for Sri Lankans. But awareness and knowledge sharing will be key elements to move forward with the rest of the world.

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