EFutures Partners with Jobster to Expand Outsourcing Operations

We’re further expanding our outsourcing services by partnering with Jobster Inc., a leading online job recruitment firm in the US. Jobster will be outsourcing some of their software projects to us.

“Jobster Inc. is a Seattle-based company. It is an innovative job advertising service that lets recruiters reach passive talent via trusted contacts inside and outside their organizations. Jobster generates referrals and inquiries, and helps companies keep in touch with people they would like to hire,” explained Prashan Nagendra, one of our directors. He added that Jobster was created for recruiters and recruiting managers at companies, agencies and organizations that seek to hire the best talent.

Some of the worlds leading companies participated in the Jobster Inc. pilot project. These companies include Boeing, BearingPoint, Boston Scientific, The Coca Cola Company, Expedia, Harris Corporation, Massachusetts General Hospital, Nordstrom, Pfizer, SBC, Starbucks and T-Mobile. We are proud to be an outsourcing partner to such prestigous companies.

We have created a dedicated team to handle Jobster Inc. projects. This will make sure we handle those requests on time and in an efficient manner which will further enhance Sri Lankas reputation as an outsouring destination.

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) Child Nutrition Surveillance software solution is another foreign project that the Company has acquired recently. “Phase 1 of this project is already completed and we have already commenced work on Phase 2,” stated Fernando. “The project will work out the real state of child nutrition in Sri Lanka and concurrently set-up an early warning mechanism that will alert the medical authorities on any impending dangers to child health,” he added.

In addition to these foreign clients, the Company has also acquired several local projects as well. Their most recent addition to the list of banking clients is People’s Bank. “Having provided solutions to no less than eight financial institutions, we consider ourselves the frontrunners in the local web industry when it comes to this particular industry. Acquiring the project to revamp the People’s Bank web site is another significant milestone in the Company’s history,” Fernando further added.

Among the other new projects acquired by Company recently are the Ministry of Industry & Investment Promotion and SriLankan Cares for SriLankan Airlines.

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