With a story that began in the year 2000, EFutures has quickly immerged as one of the top boutique software consultancy and product development outsourcing companies in Sri Lanka today. Focusing on core business areas such as banking, finance, healthcare, logistics and startups, EFutures has rooted itself as a sustainable enterprise in todays’ dynamic economy, with over 18 years of experience. Renowned for delivering top of the line products and services to a wide array of local and international customer bases, EFutures’ growth has skyrocketed over the last few years. To keep up with this influx, the company has shifted their operations from the cozy two story office on ‘Tickle road’ to a spacious four-story building on ‘Fairfield gardens’, Colombo 08, comfortably accommodating their employees who work on a two-shift basis; to better suite their European and US clientele.

CEO Prashan Nagendra stated, “Majority of our growth has been organic, with as much as 70% of our Clients being through referrals, which we feel is testament to the quality of the service we provide”.

With sights set firmly on catering to fortune 500 companies, such as Allianz insurance and Toyota, foreign startups and a niche local clientele, EFutures goal is to remain a boutique high-end software company that focuses primarily on providing enterprise scale high-value services, including custom built ERP systems. Having accomplished a considerable amount of developments in the IOT space, EFutures strives not only to contribute to the upliftment of the software industry in Sri Lanka but also to make their mark internationally, whilst building Sri Lankas’ reputation for producing world class technology along the way.

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