‘Easy Way to Health’ uses IOT to help societies battle obesity

Easy Way to Health (ES2H) uses IOT to help societies battle obesity 

 Easy Way to Health and technological partner EFutures pride themselves on inspiring people to live healthier lives through behavioral change. The complexity of effectively monitoring and acquiring a person’s health parameters paired with the difficulty of interpreting this information in a productive manner that would drive behavioral change is proving to be a constant challenge across the world today. This is where ‘Easy way to health’ comes in, with their initial focus set on the medical parameters of weight.

With the vision and the drive to make the world a healthier place ‘easy way to health’ together with their co-owner and technological partner EFutures sought out to develop a proprietary algorithm  constructed to identify the changing patterns of a person’s natural weight fluctuation. This algorithm, integrated with multi-sided platform technology that connects the ‘my easy weight’ mobile application to the numerous ‘easy way to health’ WiFi scales, thus providing a unique numberless weight management solution for the fitness, wellness and healthcare industries.

EFutures developed the app in 2016, and immediately pilot tested in fitness centers and corporate companies in the US. With successful test results revealing that the product successfully influenced users to change their behavior towards better health, official operations commenced in 2017, in US, Brazil and the Netherlands. Succeeding in helping societies combat obesity with the numberless WiFi scale, ‘easy way to health’ has now set its sights on developing a numberless bathroom scale connecting Bluetooth devices to correlate weight fluctuations with blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose. This in turn would increase accessibility of the technology by allowing users to have a numberless scale in their homes.

Together with EFutures, ‘Easy way to Health’ will continue to work towards the advancement of health and wellness technologies by seeking innovative technological solutions to some of the worlds pressing health problems.


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