CSE New Web Solution Tender Awarded to EFutures

We are excited!!! We’ve been awarded the tender for a new web solution for the Colombo Stock Exchange. EFutuers will be responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the website, hosting and the hardware aspects of the solution.

“The new CSE web solution that will be designed and developed by EFutures is expected to take the CSE’s web presence to a new level,” stated Rishen Fernando, Director of the software development company. “The solution is a state-of-the-art hardware and networking solution that guarantees the users a wide collection of valuable information related to sharing, trading and investing in the Colombo stock market. The new web solution uses some of the latest hardware and software technologies provided by key partners of the CSE,” added Fernando.

The systems architect of EFutuers provided a preview of how the system works. “The web solution will consist of innovative and cutting-edge Software Technologies,” he explained Some of these include” database push” technology with application server level cache using db4o, innovative and interactive tickers with AJAX and server-based data Push (Comet-like technology) and JavaScript-based dynamic plotting of graphs. The new solution uses web 2.0 technology, interactive charting with Flash, summarized table display with step expansion methodology, Servlet Filter-based compression on the web server to maximize the usage of the bandwidth, request queuing to eliminate server crashes and request timeouts on the client site and many more”. He further explained that database benchmarks show db4o to be up to 55 times faster than Hibernate and MySQL, a popular object-relational mapper and relational SQL database stack.

Speaking on the significant progress EFutures made over the year, Fernando stated, “In addition to winning the new CSE Web Solution tender, the past year has also witnessed an unprecedented growth in the number of outsourced software projects that we have acquired from overseas for specific clients. These projects include M3, a CRM that is targeted at mobile users in the USA. It is the first of its kind in the whole world and is, therefore, a groundbreaking project.” Other US-based outsourced software projects of the Company include Peer Dreams – a web-based financial application that is utilized to raise funds, DrumTable – a social networking system and Mobi Bucks – a mobile payment solution that allows users to utilize their mobile devices to purchase goods and services. Furthermore, the EFutures team is currently in the process of developing a data warehousing software for one of the leading European banks.

Prashan Nagendra – Director of EFutures stated that the Company has opened a Marketing Office in the US in order to acquire more high-end software projects. “We have identified the need to have an office in the US as one of the key elements of marketing our services in the region. As a result of this new office based in San Francisco, we expect a significant number of such projects to come through over the next couple of years. Such a presence, backed by aggressive marketing, will benefit not only the Company but will also be a vehicle to promote the talent and expertise available in Sri Lanka for ICT projects”. He further added that with a presence in the US the Company could double its team within the next year.

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